Volunteer Membership

“The work we are doing at the Alliance is going to be a part of each of our legacies, it’s how we leave a lasting impact on the industry that’s given each of us so much.” - Jerry Archer Alliance President, EVP & CSO, Sallie Mae

As a Volunteer Member of the Alliance, you show your commitment to the community and to addressing the biggest challenges we face as an industry.
As a Volunteer Member, you receive the following benefits:


Give back and be a part of solving one of our industries biggest challenges

The Converge Tour addresses the talent gap in a grassroots way, connecting cybersecurity professionals with local educators and students at events across the country to ensure a clear pathway into our industry and expands the pool of qualified candidates to fill open positions. The Tour promotes your company and personal brand, builds rapport with your cybersecurity peers, and offers meaningful team growth opportunities.

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A support community by and for cybersecurity professionals. Ask hard questions and get smart answers.

Interact with the Alliance Community in your area to network, share best practices and contribute to/stay up to date on local events and initiatives.


Stay up to date on emerging solutions, threats, insights from the biggest security teams and more

Join us during our all-community webinars highlighting emerging technology solutions, threat intelligence, and leadership insights.

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