Technology Parnters

Work side by side with top cybersecurity professionals on initiatives that they are passionate about and drive ROI through relationship building, thought leadership and community goodwill.

Through a Partnership with the Alliance, your company shows their commitment to solving the biggest challenges we face as an industry.  As a Partner, you can access to a cross-industry community of cybersecurity professionals to share your solutions to the problems they face and your dedication to the success and development of our space. 
Learn about the benefits of Technology Partnership and the impact your Partnership can make.

Cybersecurity Converge Tour

Tackle The Talent Gap

The Cybersecurity Converge Tour is a nationwide initiative aimed at connecting cybersecurity professionals with students and educators to draw awareness to and diversity within our industry. 

The Tour provides and opportunity to inspire the next generation, engage with the cybersecurity community, promote brand awareness and build future talent pipeline.

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Cyber Futures Program

The Alliance Cyber Futures Program provides students with an interactive mobile-app-based experience that empowers them to test-drive future cybersecurity careers and learn directly from top industry professionals year-round right at their fingertips.  

Cyber Futures Mentors inspire students to realize their own potential and explore the exciting world of cybersecurity.

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Annual Leadership Summit

The Alliance’s Annual Executive Leadership Summit brings together cybersecurity executives from across the country for a conference like no other. The Summit provides attendees with leadership development, skill building, and thought-provoking workshops.  We work closely with our sponsors to provide an excellent experience and foster deeper relationships with attendees.

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CISO Engagement

Gaining attention from current and prospective clients can be difficult in an increasingly growing vendor landscape.  Partnering with the Alliance has proven to be a positive relationship building tool between vendors and target customers.  Our community of members are always on the lookout for the best solutions in the industry and through a Partnership we provide opportunities to promote your brand and solutions in unique and engaging ways.

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Scholarship Fund

The Alliance goes beyond just igniting a student’s interest in cybersecurity.  Our community is dedicated to serving underserved communities, driving increased diversity in our industry, and ensuring that any student that has an interest and an aptitude for cybersecurity has a clear path to a career.  The Future Leaders Scholarship Fund will help make it possible for more students to access the resources they need to be successful.

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Our 2020 Technology Partner Prospectus provides you information on the Alliance, our initiatives and the different tiers of engagement we offer.  Each of the entitlements are designed to create a real impact on the next generation and deepen relationships between your brand and the cybersecurity community.

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