Technology Parnters

“The work we are doing at the Alliance is going to be a part of each of our legacies, it’s how we leave a lasting impact on the industry that’s given each of us so much.” - Jerry Archer Alliance President, EVP & CSO, Sallie Mae

Working side by side with top cybersecurity leaders provides you with a unique opportunity to support initiatives your target audience is passionate about and drives tangible ROI through relationship building and thought leadership.
Through a partnership with the Alliance, your company shows their commitment to solving the biggest challenges we face as an industry.  As an Alliance Technology Partner, you gain access to a captive, cross-industry audience, and the opportunity to showcase how you help cybersecurity leaders overcome the challenges they face.

The Alliance offers a variety of Partnership levels and engagement opportunities that include but are not limited to:


Cybersecurity Converge Tour Sponsorship

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Annual Leadership Summit Sponsorship


Spotlight Webinars or Whitepapers

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Dedicated CISO Collaboration Platform


Corporate Member Status for CISO

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Press Release

social network

Website & Social Media Recognition

For more information on how to become an Alliance Technology Partner: