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  • On June 7th the Alliance’s St. Louis Chapter participated in “St. Louis Cyber Awareness Day.” The event was consistent with The Alliance’s mission of aligning the security space to support one-another, promote and grow the space, and give back to entrepreneurs, schools, and other nonprofits.  The staff and its members engaged in activities all over the city from morning until evening.

    The Alliance kicked off the day by visiting St. Louis Little Bit Foundation’s partner school, Confluence Academy Old North.  Dustin Wilcox, CISO for Centene corporation kicked off the workshop by inspiring sixty Sixth grade students and how they can contribute to solving future cyber challenges.

    The Alliance’s Executive Director, Clayton Pummill then led the class in an interactive Capture The Flag exercise utilizing open source software provided to the Alliance by Facebook.  The questions were aimed at engaging the students analytical thinking and problem solving skills.  This type of gamified education has been very well received by the schools and is being recognized as an awesome supplement to existing “STEM” initiatives.

    “To say this was amazing would be an understatement. It was simply phenomenal. Thank you for the experience and for making the learning relevant and connected to student learning.  It is appreciated. Please come back to Old North J”

    Sonya Murray, PhD Principal

    Clayton and Director of Communications, A.J. Eads then participated in a St. Louis Cyber Security Leadership Luncheon hosted by T-REX, Executive Director Patty Hagen.  The purpose of the luncheon was to better introduce and network the organizations that can most help influence the future of the cyber security start up ecosphere in the region.  

    Additional Organizations in attendance were Six Thirty Cyber, St. Louis Regional Chamber, Midwest Cyber Center of Excellence, Aegis Business Services, Small Business Technology Development Center, ITEN, PluggedIn St. Louis and GlobalSTL.

    The outcome of the meeting was well received by all and action plans have been put into place on how these organizations can work together in the future.  The group decided it would be of great value to convene monthly and continue to amplify the momentum that has been created already.

    Lastly, but perhaps most impactful, the Alliance and many of its local members were able to officially announce the launch of the Alliance’s St. Louis Chapter.  The Chapter made itself official by leading an early evening partner event with T-REX and SixThirty Cyber.  The Agenda kicked off with introductions of the participating organizations, a keynote presentation on ethical hacking, and a virtual Capture The Flag Exercise with participants at the high school level. Additionally, the Alliance’s members along with SixThirty Cyber contributed time to listen to a pitch from Secure Digital Solutions, and rapidly growing cyber startup, and provided valuable feedback.

    We are uniting T-Rex, supported by a state grant, SixThirty’s cyber initiative, and our city’s top security minds through the Alliance’s St. Louis Chapter, around a common mission of attracting cyber startups, entrepreneurs, and thought leadership to St. Louis.

    St. Louis Chapter members Gary Harbison, Chris Sawall, Jason Clark, and Joey Smith supported Chapter President Ryan Frillman in the event.

    Ryan Frillman and Gary Harbison spoke for the Alliance and shared with those in attendance and the media, the great community impacts that the Alliance is having in schools, startups and other nonprofits.  

    These types of activities directly impact the missions of the Alliance to Align, Grow & Give.  The dedication of our members, towards the common goal of impacting our space in a positive way continues to inspire the staff of the Alliance.  The organization has gained incredible momentum over the last year and the members have a lot to look forward to in the very near future.