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  • The Alliance is excited to announce that we have a new Technology Partner in Nubeva Technologies. Nubeva and their team have been supporting the Alliance in our development of a secure communications platform and membership management systems in the cloud.

    Nubeva will also aid the Alliance in its development of tools and resources available to our students for the 2019 Cybersecurity Converge Tour. Empowering students with a safe environment to pursue their knowledge is ventral to our mission of closing the talent gap. Nubeva will provide such an environment for our members and students to explore and practice their skills.

    Alliance Advisory Board Member, Clayton Pummill of Torch.AI said, “The Alliance is a thriving group of over 500 security leaders who have recognized the need for cybersecurity solutions as their enterprises transition to the cloud. We need a cloud-based solution that dynamically enables collaboration, communications, and our operations.  Nubeva’s StratusEdge solution meets our needs, and their expertise has thus far exceeded our expectations.”

    “We are very excited about what Nubeva is doing and pleased that they are supporting the Alliance,” said James Christiansen, founding Alliance member and CISO of Teradata. “Most applications are moving to the cloud, and users are more distributed and mobile. These trends demand that cybersecurity move to the cloud as well. Historically, this transition has been difficult and expensive, but Nubeva is simplifying security migrations and enabling best-of-breed security with a powerful, low-cost solution.”

    Nubeva’s Chief Marketing Officer Steve Perkins said, “We are honored to have the opportunity to serve the Security Advisor Alliance because it is a significant and growing center of leadership and vision for the cybersecurity industry.  We look forward to ongoing discussions to demonstrate how Nubeva’s solutions address cybersecurity concerns of Alliance members as they move to the public cloud.”