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  • Lukas Burzynski is one of those rock star high school students that every company dreams of hiring someday.  He’s an outstanding student (4.65 GPA), a math tutor, a volunteer, an entrepreneur and…he has a passion for cybersecurity!

    The St. Charles Community School District provides a CAPS program, or career advanced professional studies program that requires students to create a LinkedIn page as part of their curriculum.  They are encouraged to connect with local leaders in their chosen fields of study and to follow the posts those leaders make…smart advice!

    Lukas found out about a national CTF (Capture The Flag) competition and inquired if it was open for students.  A local Air Force Colonel noticed his comment and off to the races they went.

    We discuss the CTF competition along with team members and mentors Devon Overstreet, Matt Evans and Lukas.

    Thank you to CyberUp and the other organizations that are making a difference in the #talentgap!