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  • The Alliance is joining force with another St. Louis based cybersecurity nonprofit, CyberUp, to ensure that students and teachers across the country have access to cybersecurity resources during this time of uncertainty and remote learning.  Educators are working hard to continue to provide a quality education experience to their students and the Alliance and CyberUp are here to support those efforts in any way we can.

    Both organizations have established robust lists of resources for students and teachers including book lists, online skill building, certification prep, career information, scholarship information and much more.  In addition to a bank of online resources, both organizations have offered educators access to live and pre-recorded webinars on various topics related to cybersecurity.  Through our communities of volunteers, we can provide students with access to working professionals that provide insight into the daily life of a cybersecurity professional and discuss relevant topics to broaden their understanding of the industry.

    Alliance’s Resources:

    CyberUp’s TrainUp:


    About CyberUp: CyberUp is a 501c3 nonprofit whose mission is to cultivate the cybersecurity talent pipeline for today and tomorrow. They accomplish this through their nationally recognized apprenticeship program and PowerUp: Cyber Games. To learn more visit for follow on social media @wecyberup.