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  • The Security Advisor Alliance Converge Tour made it’s second consecutive visit to the quad cities, and CornCon Five-O.  Founding board member, John Johnson, Shadrack Roberts and the rest of the organizers put on quite a show for local security execs, students and interested adults.

    St. Ambrose University provided an incredible space for over 100 local high school students, educators and professional security volunteers.

    Our day began with a dive into the basic principals of cybersecurity and how our volunteer mentors manage day to day decisions.  Students learned about phishing, brute force attacks, identity theft, personal security, ransomware and more.  The curriculum is designed to demonstrate the diversity of challenges in the field, and how each scenario is often boiled down to human decisions around risk.

    Students were broken into groups and guided through various scenarios around ransoms, employee terminations and vulnerability management.  Our mentors helped participants evaluate the different types of information they would need to gather, from departments around the company to make good business and risk decisions.

    The second portion of the day enabled our students to compete in a virtual capture the flag activity, testing their analytical thinking skills, team work and general knowledge of technology and systems.  Our program teaches geo-spoofing, encryption and decryption, online lookup tools and ethics.  Our mentors helped students who were stuck, encouraging them along the way.


    St. Ambrose University provided a pizza lunch for our group of students and professionals, while a panel of our mentors  spoke through their personal career paths.  John, Shad, Jon Williams, George Simonds, and Brad Cook of the United States Army spent nearly an hour breaking down what had made them successful in their careers.

    Each of our mentors emphasized the importance of being a lifetime learner and a great team player.

    CornCon Five-O is a great example of our members, rolling up their sleeves and making a real impact on their community and the future of the cyber talent pipeline.

    Thank you again to founding board member John Johnson, Shadrack Roberts and all of the organizers that make this such a special partnership for the Alliance.