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  • The Security Advisor Alliance Converge Tour Program made its return to in person events on Friday September 10th, 2021.  John Johnson, Shadrack Roberts, Somchai Rice and the rest of the coordinators for CornCon7 brought together a fantastic conference as always.

    Over 100 students from local high schools gathered at the Quad Cities Waterfront Convention Center to learn the basic principals of cybersecurity and pathways into the career.  The team from CornCon brings together an incredible group of mentors, made up of both local, and national security professionals.

    The cornerstone of the Alliance program is our Capture The Flag platform, built on  The new platform was given a thorough test by mentors Chris Cooper and Brandon Potter (Special Thanks) and the students had a great experience.  The students proved to be quite adept and earned some of the highest scores in Converge Tour history.

    In addition to the tradtional Converge Tour program, the team at CornCon created a full day of publicly accessible security education, including lock picking tutorials, hardware workshops, badge building and more.