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  • The Security Advisor Alliance today announced that Ann Johnson, Vice President Enterprise Cyber Security Group for Microsoft, has been elected to Security Advisor Alliance’s board of directors.

    Johnson has an illustrious career as an executive leader, president, and CEO. During her career, she’s held a range of leadership positions, and consistently exceeded quotas and expectations. She continues to serve on the board of advisors for HYPR in addition to her role at Microsoft.

    “Ann is the epitome of an executive leader. We are excited to welcome her to the Alliance’s board of directors,” said Jason Clark, Security Advisor Alliance Chairman of the Board. “We believe her vision, drive for success, and passion for creating pathways for students, especially women, to contribute to cybersecurity will drive our missions to help align and give back to the community.”

    “Ann’s an awesome addition to our board and her leadership will help us drive several key initiatives in pursuit of our mission of aligning our space, growing the next generation of cybersecurity contributors and impactfully giving back to schools, students, and other nonprofits,” said Clayton Pummill, The Alliance’s Executive Director. “I’m confident that Ann is going to make an important and positive impact on our Alliance.”

    Johnson said, “I have always looked for the most impactful ways to leverage my passion for cybersecurity, give back and open up opportunities that will help make our industry more diverse thereby more effective. I’m honored to be joining their board. I have tremendous respect for the incredible board members, and I look forward to working with them.”

    Johnson graduated from Weber State University with a BA in Political Science and Communications.

    Ann Johnson

    General Manager – Enterprise Cyber Security Group