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  • The missions of the Alliance have and will continue to be, Aligning, Growing and Giving.  An initiative that our St. Louis chapter has been engaging in for nearly two years now aids in all three of those missions.

    Along with other organizations like the St. Louis Regional Chamber, SixThirty Cyber, T-REX, Aegis Strategies and the Midwest Cyber Center, the Alliance is helping to create a midwest cyber startup hub.

    The goal of the community partnership is to establish a meaningful ecosphere in St. Louis that attracts, mentors and retains top cyber startups from around the world.  Jason Clark, founding president of the Alliance, helped bring the relationship together and manages the Alliance mentors that help with the initiative.

    “There are a lot of solutions in cybersecurity right now that are interesting, but not that many that are really exciting.  In my experience, the difference between the two often just comes down to some minor tweaks to the product or enhancements to the go to market strategy.  I believe we can make a big difference for these companies, and in doing so, help ourselves develop better solutions.”

    • Dustin Wilcox, Long Time F100 CISO

    “By not only mentoring these startups, but also offering opportunities to test these solutions in sandbox environments at some of the largest companies in the world, we are creating an environment here in St. Louis that companies are going to want to be a part of.”

    “We also believe that this model is repeatable in other cities.  Our members encourage the growth of the entire space and hope to help provide alignment of both security leaders and solution providers.”

    • Clayton Pummill, Executive Director

    For an example of just how this program works, check out Korean Pitch Day on the blog