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  • The Virtual Mentorship program will provide clear pathways into the cybersecurity career field. 

    Today, the Security Advisor Alliance, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization founded and run by industry leading cybersecurity executives, announced they have launched their Cyber Futures Mobile App.  The Alliance partnered with LifeJourney to develop the app, which features profiles of cybersecurity professionals from various companies and industries, aimed at exposing students to the diverse roles and career pathways in the industry.  Participating students will be presented with new mentors and skill modules each month, exposing them to knew cybersecurity concepts, and career paths. 

    About the launch of the program, Alliance Board President and EVP & CSO of Sallie Mae Corporation, Jerry Archer, said, “The Alliance has been supporting students & educators for years now through our Cybersecurity Converge Tour program.  We feel this is an important part of each of our legacies, and how we leave the industry that has been so good to each of our members.  The Cyber Futures app represents an incredible opportunity for us to scale our reach, and to create deeper relationships with the next generation of cyber talent.  Our organization is proud to be a part of such an incredible program.” 

    The Alliance has been working since 2013 to help solve the biggest challenges facing the cybersecurity industry.  Chief among those challenges is the lack of qualified talent to fill the growing number of open positions.  Many organizations estimate a deficit of up to 2.5 million qualified professionals as a result.  The Organization hosts events around the United States and in 2019 the United Kingdom, to spark awareness of and diversity within the talent pool.  Members of the Alliance wanted to expand their reach beyond just meeting with students in person and chose to create a program that goes beyond the classroom and onto the devices that today’s students are engaging with most, their mobile phones. 

    I believe that this app is an invaluable tool for students as they research the many fields of Information Security.  Understanding the expectations of these important positions in Information Security and knowing what they need to do to get into these fields, is invaluable in time and cost savings.” Said Karen Diggs, a STEM educator in Indianapolis IN. 

    The Security Advisor Alliance, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization is headquartered in St. Louis, MO with over 600 members around the globe, dedicated to helping each other solve the biggest unmet challenges in cybersecurity, most importantly, the talent gap.  In 2019, the Alliance hosted 26 student engagements, and its fifth annual Executive Leadership Summit in Dallas TX.  Learn more at 

    LifeJourney is a scalable online mentorship platform that lets organizations transform their leaders into role models for the nation. LifeJourney lets organizations and their leaders achieve widespread brand exposure inspiring the next generation of STEM and cyber talent and measurably address the next-gen STEM workforce shortage.   

    View more information on the Cyber Futures Program and how your organization can get involved