Cybersecurity Converge Tour

Cyber Leaders Empowering The Next Generation

The Converge Tour is an interactive program aimed at educating and mentoring students on cybersecurity, how to best protect themselves online and cybersecurity career opportunities.

At each Tour event, local cybersecurity professionals engage with students, share their expertise and inspire them to begin their journey into the industry in an exciting and gamified way.  Each Tour event consists of four parts:
  1.  An introduction to the fundamentals of cybersecurity and its global impact as well scenarios to help students understand risk assessment and decision making
  2.  A Virtual Capture the Flag exercise to encourage teamwork, creative problem solving and analytical thinking skills​
  3.  An open dialogue between cybersecurity professionals and students that provides insight into their day-to-day, what hard and soft skills are needed, and how students can begin to prepare for a job in the industry
  4.  A walkthrough of the resources that are available to students, educators and parents that are interested in taking the next step toward a brighter future.

An Opensource Program

We are always excited to meet new cybersecurity professionals and love the idea of bringing the Tour to your town for the first time.  Check out our upcoming events (Here).  Don’t see an event coming up in your town?  Fill out the message form and we’ll have an Alliance representative reach out.

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The Alliance is incredibly proud of our 600+ members around the globe working to close the #talentgap.  Join our effort and empower the next generation of cybersecurity professionals.

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