Alliance’s Annual Leadership Summit October 5-27th, Virtual and -In Person Options Get Details Close

Day 1 – October 5th.  Virtual Content

The Influence Of A CISO - 9:00am MST

Cisco’s cybersecurity unit is its fastest growing business, and that speaks volumes about the relationship between security and the health of a business. So it’s fitting that Anthony, Cisco’s global CISO, should kick off our Summit with a presentation that speaks to the relevance and influence of CISOs in the boardroom, with executive management, and with the customer base.

Security From The Boards Perspective - 10:00am MST

The relationships between boards and CISOs are critical to the success of cybersecurity programs and the business itself. Yet the quality and influence of those relationships varies dramatically from company to company. Marybeth will help us explore what makes a board/CISO relationship really work for the benefit of the company and its customers.

Mergers and Acquisitions in Security - 11:00am MST

M&A in the cyber industry shows no sign of slowing down, which means integrating businesses and cultures in real time in an industry that really can’t afford missteps. Ann will lead a discussion, informed by Microsoft’s recently announced acquisition of RiskIQ, about how to influence business culture and operations to the benefit of the buyer, the seller, and the customers they serve together.

Using Data to Create Actionable Influence with the Board and C Suite. - 11:00am MST

Understanding cybersecurity risks, threats, and attacks is a complex business with a lot of active vendors and data/intelligence sources. XXX will lead a discussion that will help us understand how to sort out what’s relevant to a business and, equally as important, how to make that information meaningful, understandable, and actionable by executive management and boards.

Day 2 – Tuesday October 12th.  (Virtual Content)

Building A Truly Diverse Workforce - 9:00am MST

We wont solve our needs in this growing space without seeking out, embracing, and integrating a diverse staff. So we asked Charlene a question…”What is it that we need to understand and do to build, nurture, and sustain a truly diverse workforce?” We asked her because she has lived the experience as an employee, as an executive, as a “first female”, “first minority”, “first minority female”, etc. throughout her career. She’s the right person to answer the question

The Security Minded CHRO - 10:00am MST

CISOs and HR…unlikely allies? Maybe, but Allies just the same with a shared goal of finding, hiring, and retaining a cybersecurity team that matches the evolving needs of the business. XXX will lead a keynote discussion today to help us understand what a successful CISO/HR relationship looks like, and what has to be done jointly to build the teams that differentiate a business.

Can Existing Employees Fill The Talent gap? - 11:00am MST

Said simply, the cybersecurity industry doesn’t have a farm team. There really aren’t any places where junior cyber workforces are nurtured and matured until they are ready for the big leagues. And that leaves a big gap at a time when we need strong players. Dan will talk about how we can help transition strong candidates from non-traditional sources and get them into the starting lineup.

Will Automation Solve The Talent Problem For Us? 11:00am MST

OK…the talent gap is huge and growing, and we don’t yet have a way to fill all those empty cybersecurity roles. But what about technology, you say. Why not leverage all the tech at our disposal so that we can get the job done with less people? XXX is here to talk about just that and help us understand where technology can be applied, where it is evolving, and where we really need a human at the button.

Day 3 – Tuesday October 19th.  (Virtual Content)

Alignment With The Business - 9:00am MST

Alignment, alignment, alignment. That should be the mantra of every CISO and even every technology vendor. And the alignment that matters most is the one that exists between the goals and objectives of the security organization and the goals and objectives of the core business.  XXX is here to talk about that very issue and the kinds of risk and operational decisions that he encounters.

Can We Predict The Futre? - 10:00am MST

How do I keep my team aligned with the security and privacy needs of external constituents like customers and partners?

Cyber Insurance and Incident Response - 11:00am MST

The only thing certain in this business is that all of us will be or have been the subject of a cybersecurity event. Incident response plans and protocols help see us through these events. Insurance is intended to fill the gaps and reduce their impact. So how do they work together? Che Bhatia will talk us through the respective roles of IR and cyber insurance, how they should play together, and what the future looks like for obtaining meaningful insurance coverage

Aligning A Cyber Services Team With Needs Of Clients

As a fitting closeout to our session on alignment, Daniel will lead a conversation about how Cisco thinks about maintaining alignment between the company’s technology and services, and the evolving needs of their tremendously diverse customer base. Alignment at scale is an enormous challenge, so hearing from Cisco about the impact of its CISO Advisory group, among other initiatives, should be highly informative.

Day 4 – October 26th.  In-Person Networking

TopGolf, Dallas Texas

In-Person Networking & Celebration 1:00pm - 5:00pm CST

Join the Alliance Board at TopGolf in Frisco TX for an afternoon of networking, great food and lots of fun.  The Summit is a celebration of everything the Alliance has accomplished each year and this party will be our best one yet.  Casual dinner options will be available at the Westin Stonebriar Hotel.

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Day 5 – October 27th.  Bonus Breakfast Keynote

And Converge Tour Event With Local Students

9:00am – 1:00pm CST

Converge Tour Student Event

Solve the #talengap and mentor the next generation.  The Alliance will engage with local high school students to teach basic principals of cybersecurity, digital citizenship and career pathways.  Our Capture The Flag exercise will teach problem solving, analytical thinking skills and teamwork.

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Story Telling In Business - 9:00am CST, Dallas TX

Why does storytelling work so effectively in business and in leadership?  What kinds of stories should you be telling?  This bonus keynote is one you do not want to miss.