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  • The 2017 Alliance Converge Tour rolled into Cincinnati on May 5th, 2017 and saw it’s largest turnout of cybersecurity professionals yet.  Gary Warzala of Fifth Third Bank, Deneen DeFiore of GE Aviation and Andrew Turner clearly understand the importance of our time investment in local students.  Each of these outstanding security leaders brought with them numerous members of their teams.

    Analysts, Engineers, Architects, and leaders worked side by side to help address the talent gap in our space.  Special guest Bonnie Stith, former Director of Cyber Threat Intelligence for the CIA joined our expert panel to engage with nearly 70 students from area Cincinnati public schools.

    Our member leaders provided insight on their backgrounds and pathways through the industry to their current roles.  Andrew Turner shared his federal law enforcement background and how the skills he learned there have been invaluable in his corporate role.  Deneen DeFiore, responsible for protecting nearly 20% of the revenue streams for G.E. demonstrated the poise and leadership that’s needed to be successful at the top.  Gary Warzala, our host for the stop, pressed his importance on being a lifetime learner and building great teams.  Bonnie spoke about many of the different roles available in federal law enforcement and the importance of understanding privacy vs. convenience.

    Students were then encouraged to ask questions and a great conversation ensued between mentors and mentees.  The classes were broken into teams of two – three students.  These teams then participated in a two hour virtual Capture The Flag (CTF) exercise provided by our partners at Facebook.

    The CTF has been designed by our members to teach analytical thinking skills, teamwork, research, creativity and problem solving.  The questions are specifically too difficult to encourage the students to look online for more information, inform their team and move forward to a solution.  The game is constructed to entertain the students and also expose them to potential career activities.

    This event was a huge success and a lot of fun for everyone involved.  This Converge Tour stop wouldn’t be possible without the generous support of our partners Microsoft and RiskIQ.